C. Hawk Hawaii

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m wondering what to wear/bring. What is the weather/trip going to be like?

Typically the air temperature will be around 70 degrees in the early morning and will rise to 85 at midday. The sea temperature will be 76 to 80 degrees. Seasonal changes are not real dramatic and fluxuations in these air/sea temperatures will only vary a few degrees. In short, almost every day is a great day for Kona sportfishing, sighseeing and snorkeling!

Attire should be light and include a hat, sunscreen, camera and sunglasses. Swimwear and shorts are generally the best bet. It’s typically a barefoot trip, too!

If, for any reason, attire requirements deviate you will be informed the day before your trip (make sure we have a good contact number for you).

Is there parking at the marina?

Yes. Lots of free parking at Honokohau Harbor.

How many passengers can you accommodate on our trip? What about kids?

You will have the boat exclusively. You can bring up to six passengers. For light tackle or deep sea fishing trips, due to the size and make of the boat, 2 or 3 fisherman tends to be the most comfortable.

WE LOVE THE KIDS! From our experience, 5 years and up tends to be the magic age. Please inform us upon reservation as to how many kids and what ages as we are required to have the proper safety equipment onboard.

Can I keep the fish that we catch?

Yes. Please take all the fish you can eat during your stay. All fish over and above will be taken to market (part of the reason we can charge a low price for the trip!)