C. Hawk Hawaii

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Our Vision

Our Vision On the Kona Coast of the Big Island, where C. Hawk Hawaii chartered its first father and son duo in 2007, we inspire you – visitors and residents alike, to witness the backdrop of volcanoes, and breathe in the tranquil breezes of a rare paradise. Although there are many ways to explore the island's exquisite beauty and mystifying composure, we offer an ocean going vessel to bridge nature's brilliance and the awakening souls of men, women and children.

As the sun and the moon work the changes of the tides, we have witnessed the Kona Coast play its music to the unpredictable rhythm of humanity. Serenity births, whales breach, dolphins spin, and we as humans are reminded momentarily, if not forever, of our home within the depths of mother earth.

C. Hawk Hawaii is founded in gratitude, respect, and a deeply humble spirit of both land and water. Here, on the Big Island of Hawaii, we envision all races, religions, and belief systems living each day to share, to learn, and to conserve, for both present and future generations.

"When a small boat captain goes to heaven, he goes to Kona ('calm')."